• GAME TIMES (Effective Spring 2016)
    Games will begin at either 9:00p or 10:00p.
    • Additional start times (11:00p, 12:00a) will be added based on the number of registered teams.
FEES and DUES: (Effective Spring 2016)

In an effort to simplify roster management and the overall registration process, effective for the Spring 2016 season, we are offering two flat rate options.
  • TEAM FEE ($1525) - This can be paid in one lump sum by the captain of the team. Payment plans, and alternate payment options are available by contacting the league.

  • INDIVIDUAL FEE ($160) - Free Agents or Teams opting out of the Team Fee can register individually at this rate.

  • SUBSTITUTE FEE ($10 online, $15 in person) - Online payments are accepted until 9pm on Game Day.
*These rates are subject to change in future seasons.
**Fees must be paid prior to the start of the teams 1st game, unless specified by a payment plan. Players or Teams will not be permitted to play until paid.
***Alternate Payment options must be arranged by contacting us at hockey@morristownsportsclub.com

  • Size - The maximum size of a team is 14 Active Players.

  • Roster Management - Teams can make alterations to their roster until the Roster Lock Deadline on Week 5 of the Season(See Important Dates). Each change must be submitted to the League prior to the team's next game.
    • Teams using Players who were not reported in a roster change, or whom did not sign up as a substitue will have their game forfeited for use of illegal players.
    • If a team opted out of the Team Fee, all new additions must pay the individual fee. This includes rostering subs.
    • No roster changes will be permitted after the deadline. The only exception is the activation of an IR replacement player.

  • Injuries and Substitution
    • Substitutes - Non-Registered Players are allowed to substitue in any regular season game so long as they sign up as a substitute player and pay the substitution fee. These players are NOT playoff eligible. In order to be, they must be rostered prior to the roster lock deadline.

    • Injured Reserve - Prior to the Roster Lock, each team can name three, non-registered players, as reserved players. Should a registered player be unable to participate anymore due to injury or any other personal reasons, that team may activate one of their reserve players as a replacement.
      • Should a team not name any reserved players, no replacements will be allowed.
      • Once activated, the replacement player takes over for the remainder of the injured player's season. The injured player is no longer rostered for that team even if healthy again.